Friday, December 21, 2007

Bourne Amatuer

Ever since I was bourne, I mean born, I have always wanted to be just like the famous yet incognito game character Sam Fisher. The problem with that is it's not like you can go to or your local CIA base and ask for a job application and apply as a Splinter Cell. Neither do I have the patience or the back muscles to stay that low to the ground all the time. The rash in your most secret parts with that wet suit on has got to be...annoying. I'll leave Sam Fisher to deal with that. Yet I still hang onto this fantasy now that Mr. Fisher has gone to his local cutlery store and picked up some merchandise, a.k.a. SAM'S KNIFE IS SO COOL!!!

The problem, James Bond is too old, Sam Fisher has a rash and Auston Powers is more concerned about his "Goldmember" then gathering intel. So who's the next closest option? Jason Bourne of course. Read my other post to learn just how close you can come to being just like me and Mr. Bourne.

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