Friday, December 21, 2007

Bourne Amatuer

Ever since I was bourne, I mean born, I have always wanted to be just like the famous yet incognito game character Sam Fisher. The problem with that is it's not like you can go to or your local CIA base and ask for a job application and apply as a Splinter Cell. Neither do I have the patience or the back muscles to stay that low to the ground all the time. The rash in your most secret parts with that wet suit on has got to be...annoying. I'll leave Sam Fisher to deal with that. Yet I still hang onto this fantasy now that Mr. Fisher has gone to his local cutlery store and picked up some merchandise, a.k.a. SAM'S KNIFE IS SO COOL!!!

The problem, James Bond is too old, Sam Fisher has a rash and Auston Powers is more concerned about his "Goldmember" then gathering intel. So who's the next closest option? Jason Bourne of course. Read my other post to learn just how close you can come to being just like me and Mr. Bourne.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Improve Your Night Vision

Ever wonder how the guys in the special forces deal with their slow changing night vision? Well wonder no more, introducing 10 tested and proven ways to improve your night vision in a fraction of the time as your old, untrained self would attempt to do so. Fully operational night vision can take up to twenty-five minutes to form after coming out of a bright room. Those extra vital minutes you have of fully operational night vision could be all you need to stick it to the bad guy, or just your buddy(s) in a "friendly" game of paintball. With over ten options to improve your night vision, you can choose just one, all ten or a combination of them that best work for you. a few are bound to work to your specific needs, if not all.

First in the line of ten proven techniques to improve your night vision is the protection trick. In order to preserve any thing, you need to first protect it from it's enemy. To preserve fire, keep it away from water. In this case the enemy is light. When you see a bright light, don't look at it, looking away for a few seconds or at least closing your eyes until they are tiny slits can save your eyes a lot of confusion from slow switching back and forth for no reason.

The next way to effectively improve your night vision is to use your peripheral vision. This means to not look at one thing at once, or do the best you can. Once you get into the groove of using performing this trick, it will become relatively easy if you haven't already previously mastered this easy to learn skill. It's like it almost comes naturally to most.

The third and forth options, I don't fully understand. Maybe you can figure these out for me. One is to simply scan the room like you were looking for a specific article of clothing you know would be out in the open, not really digging for it, just looking around the room from a single vantige point. Don't focus on anything in particular. What I don't really understand is how this could improve your night vision at all. Maybe it is just used to preserve the night vision that you already have. The other confusing option is to try and single out shape, movement and contour of your desired target rather than color.

Instead or a bright white LED light, try a red one. The option of a red light is commonly put on most hiking, head band lights. Or you could just tape some thin red plastic over your household flashlight.

Proubably the most proven technique to use and the one I prefer the most is the pirates technique. It has been around for years and for a good reason too. You have proubably seen ye ol patch in action on the hit show, Mythbusters. Jamie and Adam had to sacrifice their body without using the featured trick. To make matters worse, they had just came in from outside on a bright day and both were instructed to stare at the most shiny oblects the could look at for about 25 minutes. They were horrible, like a blind man looking for his dog.

The second time, they switched the eye patch from the eye that was under the patch and covered the eye that was looking at the hoods of cars and aluminum foil. The eye that was under the patch and in the dark until now worked perfect in their obstacle course where they previously had nearly died. You could put a patch over one eye and switch when you need a burst of night vision or you could just close your eye and open the other one when in a bright place or looking at the hoods of cars and the sun.

The ninja's technique is to get lower than your terget. This is suoesed to help you find the shape and contour better which goes hand and hand with a previous trick posted above. Work out well for a ninja like Sam Fisher.

The Elite Forces are still tought to squeese their eyes shut for ten seconds and should be fine when you open them. The effictiveness of this techinque is contested.

The Soviet special forces were taught to eat a sugar cube before going out in the dark and shine the filtered red light into your eyes for ten seconds.

The final way to improve your night vision. This is called the high tech/low tech techinque. Grab your digital camera or your cellphone and switch it to picture mode. Hold the screen over one of your eyes with the other eye able to see the darkness. Try to only focus on what the uncovered eye is seeing. This should help you see more clearly.

Friday, December 14, 2007

From $10 Flashlight to $100 Police Torch

This simple and easy trick allows you to make a light source that is much better then even the famed Surefire flashlight that our troops overseas rely on so much to temporarly blind their enemy and give them time to gain control of the opposing shooter and the upper hand. They put this technology to good use. If only the Surefire knew what I knew, less and less of our troops would have to die. This could save the life of some lucky fellow that would otherwise be dead, unable to thank his flashlight for saving his life. But don't thank me for alerting you to this fantastic mod, I'll be assured just knowing that you are using your modded flashlight. You could use it to blind the opposition into submission, or you could use it just to look for your keys under the sofa. Either way, it will serve you well.

Take a trip to your local hardwood store and pick up a $1.50 flashlight bulb and a $4.00 Everready flashlight. All of your supplies should not cost over $10,if you do pay over $10, you pay to much! When you get home, take the batteries out and the entire flashlight holder thing. This should screw right off. Once removed, you will see ridges that were put there to hold the double a batteries that were ment to be used by this flashlight. Those need to go. Take your drill bit set and find the one that will clear away the ridges but not the entire thing. After you've taken care of those ridges, replace those double a's with the biggest battery that will fit in the flashlight casing. Put the whole thing back together and switch it on. Spray it down with black spray paint to add that extra stealthy look to your now better than the armys Surefire torch lamp. Test it out, trust me it's better, i've tested it myself, you can take my word for it.

Trace Any IP Address

This involved yet simple task is easy, all you need is a minimal amount of patience and an internet connection. I assume that if you are reading this, you do have a internet connection. Even a simple connection like dial-up, which I believe is completely obsolete, could be used in this case. A little more patience is required to complete this with a limp such as dial-up but you should do just fine. If you do have a dial-up connection, I would believe that you have developed a little patience due to the slowness of dial-up.

First you go to the Start button at the bottom of your screen and click the little "Run" in the menu that shows up. type "cmd" in the available space on the window that pops up followed by the "enter" key. this will take you to a command prompt window. After the little > thing, put these exact words. "tracert" followed by the "enter" key.

This will be followed by a series of lines of numbers and letters which will eventually end in "trace completed" or something of that nature. One of those numbers at the and of the line of random symbols in the command prompt window looks something like this, 16.865.340.60, this is an ip address, remember this for later. After that, open a web browser and type the following in the address line:

In the available space above the "look up this ip address" button, put in the ip address you wish to trace to its originating location from the list on that previous command prompt window we focused on earlier, followed by a left click on the button just below the space you were just typing in.

This will take you to a map with the location the ip address you are currently tracing marked on it with a little purple or pink pointer.