Friday, December 14, 2007

From $10 Flashlight to $100 Police Torch

This simple and easy trick allows you to make a light source that is much better then even the famed Surefire flashlight that our troops overseas rely on so much to temporarly blind their enemy and give them time to gain control of the opposing shooter and the upper hand. They put this technology to good use. If only the Surefire knew what I knew, less and less of our troops would have to die. This could save the life of some lucky fellow that would otherwise be dead, unable to thank his flashlight for saving his life. But don't thank me for alerting you to this fantastic mod, I'll be assured just knowing that you are using your modded flashlight. You could use it to blind the opposition into submission, or you could use it just to look for your keys under the sofa. Either way, it will serve you well.

Take a trip to your local hardwood store and pick up a $1.50 flashlight bulb and a $4.00 Everready flashlight. All of your supplies should not cost over $10,if you do pay over $10, you pay to much! When you get home, take the batteries out and the entire flashlight holder thing. This should screw right off. Once removed, you will see ridges that were put there to hold the double a batteries that were ment to be used by this flashlight. Those need to go. Take your drill bit set and find the one that will clear away the ridges but not the entire thing. After you've taken care of those ridges, replace those double a's with the biggest battery that will fit in the flashlight casing. Put the whole thing back together and switch it on. Spray it down with black spray paint to add that extra stealthy look to your now better than the armys Surefire torch lamp. Test it out, trust me it's better, i've tested it myself, you can take my word for it.

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