Friday, December 14, 2007

Trace Any IP Address

This involved yet simple task is easy, all you need is a minimal amount of patience and an internet connection. I assume that if you are reading this, you do have a internet connection. Even a simple connection like dial-up, which I believe is completely obsolete, could be used in this case. A little more patience is required to complete this with a limp such as dial-up but you should do just fine. If you do have a dial-up connection, I would believe that you have developed a little patience due to the slowness of dial-up.

First you go to the Start button at the bottom of your screen and click the little "Run" in the menu that shows up. type "cmd" in the available space on the window that pops up followed by the "enter" key. this will take you to a command prompt window. After the little > thing, put these exact words. "tracert" followed by the "enter" key.

This will be followed by a series of lines of numbers and letters which will eventually end in "trace completed" or something of that nature. One of those numbers at the and of the line of random symbols in the command prompt window looks something like this, 16.865.340.60, this is an ip address, remember this for later. After that, open a web browser and type the following in the address line:

In the available space above the "look up this ip address" button, put in the ip address you wish to trace to its originating location from the list on that previous command prompt window we focused on earlier, followed by a left click on the button just below the space you were just typing in.

This will take you to a map with the location the ip address you are currently tracing marked on it with a little purple or pink pointer.

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